Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pony Wars

That last post was getting me down and it has been necessary to come down from the mountains of unpainted figures to the fertile green valley of painted miniatures.

From memory there is a companion set called Tie A Yellow Ribbon...

The Indians are coming!
Three homesteads and some mounted/dismounted figures to defend them.

A good swarm of Indians and burned down homesteads.

Buffalo may safely graze.

These have been undercoated and waiting to be painted for decades.

It's just a thought, but maybe I could do Songs of Blades and Heroes with these guys...

Pony Wars Plastic Mountain

Now these are beautiful figures.

My problem is that I started collecting figures for Pony Wars using 15mm.  My friend Myron had a big collection and I just intended to supplement his.  Not going to happen as he has moved on to the great big happy hunting grounds.

But I did paint up some of the buffalos as they seemed to have a possibility for 15mm...

ACW Plastic Mountain

While I'm very fond of these Airfix figures, I fear they will reside on plastic mountain forever.

US Cavalry that sadly had a different sculpture to the other sets.
Some of these had served me as Scots Greys in the 1970s.

Red Indians as they were then.  Native Americans now.

Union and Confederates.
A few have been painted and can be seen here:

Wagon Train and ACW artillery.
If only I could think of a purpose I would like to paint up some of the wagon set. 

From the 1970s
Busby by plasticine
Even experimented carver belgic shakos on two by the looks of things.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

War Between The States - Games Turns 113 to 120

A further two bloody, indecisive cycles were completed on Monday.

Some good Union reinforcements coming up.

Not so much for the Confederates.

But it was all action as Lee headed North.

This caused the Union to pull Rosencrans back to defend Washington,
Which gave the Confederates a chance to retake one of their ports.

And while McPherson has New Orleans besieged, 
the Confederates look like retaking Pensacola.

In The West Sherman keeps attacking Jackson,
and Sedgewick strikes south.

Lee pulls back after mauling the Union forces,
who had made a desperate defence of Baltimore.

The initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 6, 7, 2 against a steady 5 for the Confederates.  Losses were 33 for the Union and 44 for the Confederates.  The difference was mainly due to a big Confederate loss in storming one of the besieged ports.

Running out of men.

The South too.

Lee has pulled well back to reinforce his army,
using 22.7 Special Confederate Replacement Rule,
that allows Confederate divisions to absorb two points each of garrison factors
as replacements.

No wonder the Confederates are not running out of supplies or manpower with this ability.

Sedgewick's offensive was short lived.  While successful, 
he had to send troops to support Sherman's war of attrition at Jackson.

Down in the Gulf sieges are the go.

The initiative chits for the Union had been 2, 6, 7, 4 against a steady 5 for the Confederates.  Losses were 28 for the Union and 21 for the Confederates.  Sherman suffered an horrendous 20% loss in one of his battles that caused the big difference in losses and also put a brake on the Union offensive in the West.  As the reinforcements had all gone to the Eastern Theatre, the Confederates had a strategic win with Lee's offensive.

Is Lee in a position to repeat his invasion of Maryland?

Roman Seas Trireme

After the fun I've had with the Galleys and Galleons rules I have been looking around for some galleys of my own.  Having had some recent experience with paper boats I thought I would give Roman Seas a go.  I'm very happy with the result, particularly being able to crew them with 6mm figures.

Quite a majestic little ship.

I had a few ideas about the masts as I wanted them to be removable.  After looking at all sorts of tubing, Simon suggested reinforcing the hull with balsa.  Hmmm, that's an idea.  I ended up drilling holes directly into the balsa and found that held the masts perfectly.

The base colour was chosen to match the blue in the oar plate.
It is Dulux "Snap-Shot" and a sample pot is going to go a long way, 
although I might need more as the plan is to paint one of the club boards.

Not sure my attempt at weathering the sails has succeeded,
but I did paint the edges of the model in a light blue to match the artwork
and some edges were coloured using black texta.

These 6mm figures look the part.

Perhaps the bamboo skewers are a bit thick, but they will do for now.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Russian Napoleonic Generals and Artillery

These were a purchased back in April, all I needed to do was rebase and perhaps a bit of detailing.

An Army or Wing command, a Corps command
 and three Divisional command stands.

Seven 12# batteries and crew for 6#.

With the five 24 figure infantry brigades I have, these will go nicely to building up a small army.

The figures are Old Glory with maybe one or two ABs amongst the generals.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Three Matildas

An extra that came with my Tunisian force acquisition, now tarted up a bit to match my existing Matildas.

I now have six of these Queens of the Desert which makes a decent force for Blitzkrieg Commander.