Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hinchcliffe Barsoom Miniatures

I currently have a project to go through all my Military Modelling magazines and index them.  There is about fifteen years worth so it is not an impossible task and without an index they are fairly worthless as a reference source.  It is not such a chore as going through them generates waves of nostalgia. 

In going through the March 1975 issue I found this:

I've previously posted on SF13 Plant Man.  I'm just embarrassed that it has taken me so long to progress this project.

Here are SF3 Red Martian Warrior, sword and dagger and SF4 Red Martian Maiden. 

Lovely bendy Hinchcliffe figures. 

Rear view

They featured in the previous post and just took a mere four years to complete.  No progress on the other Hinchcliffe figures or those from TinMan Miniatures that I purchased a year or so back. 

The catalyst for this post was realizing that the new John Carter kickstarter has miniatures that are 32mm. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

A Chance Meeting

What happens when five foraging Frenchmen meet five foraging Prussians?  Let's see...

 We divided the table into six sectors and then diced for each figure placement.

Mark B went French and his officer popped up in sector 1, he then had one man in each of sectors 4 and 6 and 2 in sector 5.  The Prussians, who were identical in factors to the French, appeared as two in each of Sectors 1 and 6 with their officer in sector 4.  Clearly the officers had gone off to investigate while their mean looked for chickens.

 It looked bad for the French officer, especially after he threw a very bad activation roll.
The Prussians then reloaded, which was a mistake, they should have gone in with the bayonet.

 The French started shooting.

 And congregating.  

The Prussian officer had made an epic run for his life earlier and was trying to get his mean together.

 The French officer had escaped and was getting his men into action.

 At this stage the Prussians are two men down, but now have their act together.

 The French are maintaining the pressure.

 But the Prussians are able to even the score.

But it was not to be.
With another casualty it was time to run away.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

WBTS via Vassal - The End

Charleston, where the war started and is yet to reach.

Charleston is the last remaining city that is free from siege and connected to the "rest" of the Confederacy.

There are rumours of a Confederacy in the far west, but even if true it is of no consequence.

The three remaining Confederate seaports are heavily blockaded, but a trickle of supplies still gets through Savannah and Charleston (thanks to Northern free trade advocates no doubt).  This provides 10 supply.

Atlanta under siege.

Major City supply from Atlanta collapses due to Union presence although New Orleans still seems to be contributing.  It provides 30 supply.

There remain eight towns and one other city (the aforementioned Charleston) still connected to the Confederacy.  They provide 36 supply.

There is still 10 personnel points coming in with the draft.

The Confederates have lost all their current Departments and so production expected this cycle is lost due to there being no active Departments.  That is 10,000 garrison troops and an ironclad lost.

Beauregard's army.

The Confederates can luckily can relocate one Department this cycle.  That could go to Cheraw, SC, and support the armies in the Carolinas, but the troops at Atlanta and New Orleans have to supply themselves and therefore have only another four weeks before they must surrender.

New Orleans is well and truly isolated.  The additional ironclad which was expected is lost due to lack of widgets (an enterprising Southerner had sold them to a company trading out of New Jersey).

Johnston thinks Grant's terms of unconditional surrender are very generous and accepts, although Forrest wants to fight on.  He escapes by dressing up in a sheet and pretending to be a ghost, riding off into a long dark night.

It gets scarier when you add the pointed hat.

Wheeler thinks Sherman's threats to burn Atlanta to the ground are preposterous and he burns Sherman's letter.  Unfortunately the burning letter falls on a pile of newly printed Confederate banknotes that catch fire quickly engulfing Wheeler's HQ that just happens to be located next to a wood pile, ammunition factory and tinder store.  It had been a very dry summer and fall and there was a strong wind blowing... Atlanta is quickly reduced to ash.  Wheeler blames Sherman as it was his letter that started the fire after all.

Atlanta sometime after the devastating fire.

Beauregard considers coming to the rescue of Atlanta.  He could send Taylor by rail, but that would take two weeks.  It also assumes that the Confederates get to move first.  It seems a futile gesture and would leave the Carolinas at the peril of the Northern aggressor.  He is also conscious that the war started in Charleston, SC, and if it continues the war could well end up there.  He does the unthinkable and surrenders.  He later finds a winning lottery ticket in his pocket.

A very poorly staged recreation of Beauregard finding the winning lottery ticket.

The End


War Between the States is a monster game.  It strikes me as an excellent recreation of the strategic course of the American Civil War.  It has been immensely enjoyable to play solo using Vassal.  I am sure I made some mistakes (not identifying the need to match the new generals with the casualty chart was probably the main one - there should have been 2 star generals), but all in all I think it worked out well.

The Confederates came very close to winning, but after the loss of Lee and his army at the point of victory, it was perhaps inevitable that they would lose, although this wasn't a given.  A bit more partisan activity could have delayed the Union efforts substantially, as would more scorched earth retreating.

I'm tempted to go back and see if the Union can make an early capture of New Orleans.  I think not if the Confederates take immediate precautions.

The only part of the game that didn't work for me were sieges.

If it was possible to play with the strengths of the various forces hidden then it would be a whole different game again.  Although I think it would then be necessary for players to keep detailed intelligence reports on enemy troop compositions. It would also be fiddly with the counters based on my previous face to face playing of this game.  I think the uncertainty of getting generals to attack recreates this somewhat, however it was possible for the Union to make sure thing attacks with their navy on rebel held forts once they knew the troops stationed in them.

Donald Johnston's 2016 revisions have made this an even better game.

WBTS via Vassal - Weeks 117 to 120

The end is coming for the Confederacy.

When the Union take Brookhaven New Orleans will be isolated and when they take Augusta, the same fate will befall Atlanta.

Blockade runners get to Savannah and New Orleans, netting the South 8 supply to add to their carry forward of 76.  They get 60 from Major Cities (Atlanta and New Orleans) and this cycle 13 from other cities and town.  A total of 157.  This leaves them 137 after raising 10,000 garrison troops.

The Union get 66 supply from liberated towns and cities.  They are carrying forward 710 and get 250 from Major Cities.  A 3-3 division is augmented to a 10-3, 3,000 garrison troops are raised and 3,000 Missouri militia and 3,000 Kentucky militia are converted to 3-3 divisions.  This leaves 996 supply.

No more partisans rise up for the Confederacy, but some militia join up for the Union in Kentucky and Missouri.

Knowing the end is near, 3,000 militia desert in Georgia.

Stoneman arrives in Baltimore, ready for action.  He is joined by 10,000 new infantry.  3,000 infantry go to Washington along with 3,000 garrison troops.  2,000 infantry go to Bowling Green.

5,000 garrison troops are deployed in each of Atlanta and New Orleans.  A new ironclad appears in New Orleans, ready for commissioning.  The other ironclad completes its commissioning and joins the existing Confederate vessel.  They are needed if they are going to stop the Union gaining control of the Mississippi.

Confederate supply is 21 using 9 rail.  They are left with 119 supply and 16 rail.

The Union consume 78 supply using 28 rail.  They are left with 918 supply and 22 rail.

Week 117

The Union get the 7 free initiative chit.

McClellan is told to deal with the partisans.  In the resulting battle where 1,000 US troopers become casualties, he reports that he successfully stopped the rebels from capturing Washington.

Rosencrans is ordered to go get  Price's now depleted militia army.  He destroys it, for the loss of 1,000 men.

Halleck then gets order to capture Price which he does, netting the Union one more Political Point and more importantly getting them closer to Savannah.

Sumner with his 10,000 men is sent to join Sykes.

Not taking any risks, Lyon is ordered to leave a small garrison manning the newly acquired fort at Natchez and then go and occupy Baton Rouge.

Under the same policy, Grant is told to take Brookhaven.  In the fighting Forrest is almost killed, but he holds on and does not retreat.  However Rebel losses means that the can no longer project a zone of control around the the town.

Buell is ordered to join Grant on the west bank of the Pearl River.

Burnside doesn't want to miss out and, after leaving a small garrison in Grand Cliff, moves down to just east of Natchez.  McCook, Banks and Ord show no initiative.

Curtis doesn't know what to do, but McDowell sends him his 2,000 extra men all the same.

Sickles progresses clearing the rail line of rebel residue in east Tennessee.

Sherman, Hooker and Sykes are all in position.

Meade, Pope, Hancock, Granger must all think the war has been won as they do nothing.  Thomas however pursues the Rebels.

Sedgwick, Howard and Heintzelman also do nothing, but at least McClernand advances to catch up with the Rebels.

Elsewhere in the east, Franklin is lost in a forest and Stoneman is busy explaining to Butler where Arkansas is.

Thomas attacks Taylor on the 251-400 Column of CRT 3.  The Confederates lose 2,000 men (20%), the Union 3,000 (10%).  They are able to slip round the Union force when they retreat.

McClernand is keen to attack, but is told not to try.  If his corps loses any more men it will cease to have a zone of control and that is very valuable at this time of herding the Rebel retreat.

Rosencrans wriggles across the Ogeechee River.  He is now at the gates of Savannah.

Sykes and Sumner want to attack, but fail to agree on who commands what and when and where.

Grant and Buell fail to attack Forrest, but Reynolds does.  Forrest retreats and Brookhaven falls.  New Orleans is in dire straits.

The Confederates rail D Hill and 14,000 men to Savannah.

Hindman and Taylor are ordered to fall back to the new defensive line of the Cape Fear River.

Johnston, with the 16,000 man strong Army of the Mississippi, is told to abandon that state.

Magruder is told to abandon Donaldsville and join Polk.  The Confederate command is concerned that they will get trapped on the wrong side of the river and with only 3,000 men between them, there is not much they can do.

The Confederate ironclads shelter under the guns of the fort of New Orleans.  They don't feel very safe.

Forrest decides to take the cavalry and try and block Lyon.

The Generals around Atlanta, there are five of them, draw straws to see who will command which forlorn hope.

 The new Confederate defensive line along the Cape Fear River

 Georgia, Georgia

The race to New Orleans

Week  118

The Union get the 3 chit which means the Confederates win the race to New Orleans.

Johnston gets closer to New Orleans.  Forrest will have to cover his retreat.

Taylor and Beauregard try to balance out their troops on the Cape Fear River line.  The Fayetteville Trumpet prints a story about shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic, but the metaphor is lost as no one knows about the Titanic as there are still 50 years before it is launched.

West of the river, Magruder and Polk complete their retreat to New Orleans.

The Union undertake railroad repairs in Mississippi.  The locals are surprised, having been told that the Yankees were coming to wreck the joint.  They are pleased to see the work is being done by coloured folk, until they realise the work gangs are not in chains: the locals flee.

Curtis is told to hurry up and get to Atlanta.

Butler and the Army of Arkansas sets sail.  Their immediate destination is Beaufort, SC.

Rosencrans, on his own initiative, looks to the repair of railroads as well.

Halleck thinks of all the things he could do, but does nothing.

At Atlanta, Sykes and Sumner do nothing, despite Sherman's urgings.  Maybe they are waiting to attack?

Sickles continues clearing the East Tennessee rail line.

Ord finally gets on the river boat and starts to sail down the river to Vicksburg.

Grant stirs into action, sending Reynolds in belated pursuit of the Confederate Army of the Mississippi.  He sends Buell with 1,000 troopers to Columbia on the east side of the Pearl River.  Grant takes 4,000 troopers down to Clinton to support Lyon.

Both Burnside and McCook get moving, hoping it is not too late to share in the glory (or pick up some cotton).  Lyon moves closer to New Orleans, still hoping to cut off Johnston.

In North Carolina Meade restarts his cautious advance.  Granger and Pope lag behind.  Hancock however joins Meade.

Sedgewick and Howard cross the Roanoke (at last).  Sedgewick gets as far as Greensboro where he runs into Hindman's Confederates.  Will he attack?

Heintzelman and McClernand are lost in Sedgewick's dust.

McClellan hears that there are still rebels down south and hurries down, only to be dismayed as 1,000 of his troops decide they have better things to do.

Thomas doesn't move.

The Union Mississippi fleet, three ironclads and six river flotillas move to blockade New Orleans.  Will the Confederate ironclads come out to battle?

Lyon ignores Forrest and Johnston and attacks along the banks of the Mississippi, getting closer still to New Orleans.

There are no attacks against Atlanta.

Sedgewick attacks Hindman on the 251-400 Column of CRT 3.  It is a devastating defeat for the Confederates who lose 50% of their force (3,000).  The Union lose 2,000 (5%).  Hindman is almost wounded, but it turns out to be just a scratch.  "That was lucky" he says, as he rides past the dead and wounded of his shattered army, retreating towards Salisbury.

Week 119

The Union get the 3 chit.  It is going to be a long war at this rate...

Magruder is ordered out of New Orleans with all available troops, 13,000 men, to help keep open the road for Johnston.  Forrest moves up as well and the combined forces plan to attack Lyon.  Johnston has 32,000 men at his disposal against Lyon's 11,000.

Hindman is ordered to destroy the railway and pull back to Salisbury.

Taylor is told to burn the bridge and retreat to Salisbury and join Hindman.

Back on the way to New Orleans, both Forrest and Johnston can't find Lyon to attack him.  However Magruder has run into him and attacks on the 201-250 Column of CRT 3.  Lyon stands his ground.  Both sides lose 2,000 men.

Burnside is ordered to join Lyon.  The order stresses the requirement is to pin, not attack the rebels.

Rosencrans is ordered to get repairs done to the railways so that the advance into Georgia can continue.

Pope is also ordered to get fixing rail lines.

Butler and Stoneman arrive in Beaufort.

Meade and Granger are consolidating, but Hancock gets moving.

Both Thomas and Sedgewick are consolidating too.

Putting them all to shame, McClellan fires up McClernand and Heintzelman with cries of "On to Richmond!"  Luckily they know that this means go to Greensboro to link up with Sedgewick.

Howard and Franklin do nothing.

Sickles completes clearing the east Tennessee rail line.

Curtis arrives at the front.  Sherman was supposed to go and meet him, but...  Will his commands have the initiative to attack?

Ord continues his river journey to Vicksburg.

Buell and McCook have a rest, but Grant and Reynolds keep closing in on the retreating Confederate Army of the Mississippi.

Sykes attacks Gardner on the 251-400 Column of CRT 2.  Both sides lose 1,000 men, but the rebels have to retreat. The noose around Atlanta is just that little bit tighter.

 The Atlanta Noose

 New Orleans death grip
(and yes that is Porter coming to take over the Union fleet)

Three armies race for Savannah

Week 120

Again with the 3 chit...

Wheeler gets reports of a planned Union raid to cut off Atlanta.  He orders Buckner to evacuate Newman and secure the southern approaches to Atlanta.  Realising the risk is at Decatur, he swaps with Gardiner to take personal command of that location.

Johnston shuffles his army closer to New Orleans.  It won't do him any good. 

The Confederate ironclads would lose any battle, but just maybe might inflict losses...

The ironclads sally forth.  They are outnumbered 3 to 1.  They hope for an exchange.  They get attacker eliminated.  One of their ironclads fails the SNAFU roll and sinks in the Mississippi mud, the other limps back to New Orleans.

D Hill is ordered to disperse his troops in order to cover the approaches to Savannah.

Taking no chances, Sherman moves to attack Decatur.

Rosencrans, railway repaired, advances on Savannah.

McClellan is ordered to continue his advance and not to wait for reinforcements.  He sends Sedgewick to screen Taylor and takes the bulk of his army due south, abit.

Thomas is still stuck outside Raleigh, but Hancock at leasts crosses the Cape Fear River, which he sees on the map is named Cape Rear River...

Meade, Pope and Granger do nothing.

Sumner moves to take over from where Sherman had crossed the Chattahoochee south of Atlanta.  He pushes more troops across north of Atlanta.  

Porter arrives to take command of the fleet blockading New Orleans.

Grant and Reynolds close in on New Orleans.  Grant is already considering acceptable surrender terms.  He thinks "unconditional surrender" has a nice ring to it.

Butler forbids Stoneman from moving inland as there might be enemy troops waiting in ambush.  However one of his brigaders says he's never heard such tosh and moves to cut the rail line (via attacker wriggle).

Sherman attacks Wheeler on the 401-900 Column of CRT 4.  The Confederates are eliminated!  Losses are 5,000 a side.  Sykes narrowly avoids being wounded.  Wheeler flees to Atlanta.  Waiting for him are Sherman's surrender terms.  They are even more harsh than what Grant delivered to Johnston.

At this stage the Department located at New Orleans is inactive as it can only trace to one other friendly town/city (Proctorsville).  Atlanta is also cutoff, but the fine print rules that the rail portion of the trace may be cut, as long as it is not enemy occupied.  Regardless a road link also exists.  However, Atlanta is under extended siege and so is effectively kaput.

The South at its low point.  
Can it bounce back?


In the final month of the war the Union lost 17,000 men to the Confederate 15,000.  Some try to claim that this represents a turning point and that the South can raise again, but, ... nah.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

John Carter of Mars

Just giving this initiative by Modiphius Entertainment some extra publicity.  I've loved the John Carter world of Barsoom since my first reading of one of the novels and gaming in this period is a long term aim of mine.

They are doing a role playing game, miniatures and eventually a board game.

Dear friends, we're very close to launch now and I hope you can assist me with a small task which will help us shape the Kickstarter and will provide you with a lot of information on our plans! If you click here you'll find a survey about the Kickstarter please try to complete it before Monday, and share with friends, they can sign up for the newsletter at the same time. 

There's plenty more to see and learn below too! 

The scheming Sab Than, prince of Zodanga must be stopped - who will stand against him? 

First I'd like to reveal a little more about what's to come. The Kickstarter for the John Carter of Mars roleplaying game and miniatures will run from next Tuesday 9th January at midday until Sunday 11th February at 8pm UK time. There will be plenty of time to get involved, though there are a few limited edition items that we expect to go fast so do keep your eyes open!

There's a preview of the beautiful landscape book below that is going to let us reveal lots of epic long landscapes of Barsoom showing you never-before-scenes from our favourite stories of the Virginian and his friends. You'll be able to pledge for it in PDF, as just the landscape book, or in the deluxe portrait collectors slipcase to fit nicely on your shelving. 

Another benefit of the Collectors Slip case is it will be upgraded (once unlocked) with a second book the Swords of Mars Campaign including a complete set of linked adventures and the full guide and rules for using miniatures to recreate battles across Barsoom. Plus you'll receive any items unlocked in PDF - the GM Screen, geomorphic tiles and further books. 

If you want to get a straight forward introductory package, you'll find a Starter Set complete with the Collectors Slip Case (including all the PDF's) as well as the Gamesmaster Screen, a beautiful Prince of Helium digest size notebook and a set of Helium Dice including 5 d20's marked with the symbol of the mysterious Ninth Ray, and 6 Combat dice marked with the Jeddak of Jeddaks symbol on the 5th and 6th sides. 

There will be a host of Add On's including the dice, miniatures and the notebook mentioned above as well as many other items unlocked over the coming weeks. The Prince of Helium notebook will be approximately 160 pages featuring several sets of character sheets, pages to describe the cities and ruins you visit, the creatures you discover plus lined journal pages and squared paper for the explorers amongst you, blank paper to sketch the strange sights and more. 
We're ensuring there's a pledge simply for the Heroes of Barsoom themselves in case you just want to pick up this collector's set of miniatures and not the roleplaying game. This includes John Carter, the Princes Dejah Thoris, Tars Tarkas and faithful Woola all rendered in very high quality multi-part resin with lovely scenic bases. You could then add further sets as they're unlocked, or alternatively opt for the Miniatures Collection to get all the unlocked sets of miniatures. 

We're working with a renowned Spanish artisan to create a very beautiful limited edition bespoke, handmade real leather bound version of the core book for those who want the ultimate memories of Barsoom. It will feature engraved metal corners, martian red page edges, a metal closure and the icon for the Jeddak of Jeddaks impressed in to the cover in gold. Add to that an A1 (841 x 594mm) engraved and aged real leather map of Barsoom will complete a truly deluxe experience. There will be just 90 of these books on their own, and 10 complete with the whole collection of items unlocked in the Kickstarter; the Jeddak of Jeddak's pledge, along with 10 of the hand-aged and crafted A1 leather maps of Barsoom. Each edition will come with a certificate. 

Here's a recap on what you can expect in the book below. Don't forget to complete the survey!

John Carter of Mars - Adventures on The Dying World of Barsoom is a planetary romance tabletop role-playing game. We've created it in under license and with the cooperation of the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of the original Barsoom novels and with the guidance of Scott Tracy Griffin one of the leading scholars of his works to ensure utmost authenticity. Using a pulp-action inspired lite variant of Modiphius' 2d20 system called Momentum, John Carter of Mars allows players to take the role of various adventurers and heroes as they travel, battle, and romance their way across the a wondrous and dangerous world known to its natives as Barsoom. Play as John Carter, the princess Dejah Thoris, the fearsome Thark Tars Tarkas or you can create your own new heroes from a wide variety of options. 

Included in this book are:
  • An overview of Burrough's Barsoom and its peoples, perfect to introduce new players to the wondrous world of John Carter of Mars.
  • Detailed chapters on technology, creatures, and various cultures.
  • A new skillless Talent focused variation of the 2d20 system, including a step by step character generation system designed to make heroes from a variety of backgrounds and concepts. Choose a wide variety of characters such as a dashing Red Martian duelist, a brilliant First Born scientist, a savage Beastmaster, a courageous airship officer, a disciplined assassin, or even Earthborn characters, so players can follow in the bounding footsteps of John Carter himself!
  • A detailed Narrator's section with information on how to run genre and setting appropriate games and campaigns, including information about the great secrets of Barsoom.
  • Three eras of play based on the adventures of John Carter himself. Play during the early days of Dotar Sojat, adventure during the time when Carter was a Prince of Helium and in the years after when he was believed dead, or fight alongside Carter and his allies during the later Jeddak of Jeddaks era.
  • An introductory adventure, the Mind Merchants of Mars, to get players and Narrators started on their adventures.
"I do not believe that I am made of the stuff which constitutes heroes, because, in all of the hundreds of instances that my voluntary acts have placed me face to face with death, I cannot recall a single one where any alternative step to that I took occurred to me until many hours later." - John Carter, Princess of Mars

The Momentum system is a streamlined version of the 2d20 system used in other games such as Conan, Infinity, Mutant Chronicles and Star Trek Adventures.  It focuses entirely on the abilities of the characters you play by allowing characters to build talents out of whole cloth and eschewing granular details that just aren't important in describing the ultra-competent characters of Barsoom.

Characters in Momentum are described by 6 attributes that combine to form the Target numbers of all tests.  There are no skills.  If you're a talented scientist then you will have a Talent that describes how you use science.  It might be that you make discoveries after hours of painstaking research or perhaps your best leaps of intuition only happen when under fire, however you relate to the activity is custom described for your character. 

The Momentum system cuts down on the descriptive terms such as status effects and weapon qualities.  Once you understand how to do a skill test and have chosen how you want talents to describe your character you're ready to go and there's an entire chapter of example talents for you to choose, reword, combine and ignore as you see fit.

See you in a few days - we will send out an email to give you the link as soon as we're live and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please do share this with friends you think will like to join in. 

Chris Birch, Modiphius Entertainment

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About Modiphius Entertainment
Modiphius Entertainment is a UK-based publisher of games, novels and adventure from classic titles like Achtung! Cthulhu and Mutant Chronicles, to new roleplaying games like Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of and Star Trek Adventure. For more information please visit and you can catch the very latest news on Modiphius' Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Thracians versus New Kingdom Egyptian

First game for the year got off to a good start with a Basic Impetus 2  against Dave.  Pity the good start didn't turn into a good ending, but a very enjoyable game all the same.

 My Thracians facing the New Kingdom.
Of course the New Kingdom is 700 or more years older than the Thracians...

 Action developed on my left.
Not concerned provided my light cavalry evade.

On my right it looks like my horse archers better get ready to evade as well.

Both units failed to evade,
although the light cavalry put up a good fight.

 It is not going well for the Thracians.
It was looking promising for a while...

 My general with the noble cavalry will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

 Or not...

The charge, while successful, was too little too late.  Still, it made me feel good.

Great little game.  An order of magnitude up on DBA, and one down from Impetus.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

WBTS via Vassal - Weeks 113 to 116

The South is crumbling.

The smoke from Fort Sumter must have helped the blockade runners as they got through to Charleston.  Not Savanah but and New Orleans is not blockaded due to the Rebel ironclad's presence.

The Confederates carry forward 99 supply and get 60 from major cities plus 8 from imports.  There is no supply from towns this cycle,  After raising 10,000 garrison troops they are left with 147 supply.

The Union carry forward 562 and receive 250.  They augment a 3-3 to a 10-3 and raise 3,000 garrison troops.  They are left with 785 supply.

The Confederates launch a new ironclad at New Orleans.  4,000 garrison troops are posted there to protect it.  5,000 garrison troops go to Atlanta.  Gardner also turns up in Atlanta and a Corps is created for him.  Partisans appear in Virginia.  A partisan cadre is created in Georgia.

The Union raise 8,000 troops in Bowling Green and 3,000 in Washington.  Grant and Curtis return to duty and are sent to Bowling Green.  Grant becomes commander of the Blue Army and Curtis the XXI Corps.  Meade is created commander of the Army of Virginia and Butler is given command of the Army of Arkansas.  Butler doesn't know what to think.  The final Union ironclad completes its fitout.

The Confederates might have supplies, but they have challenges getting them to where they are needed.  The militia in Plymouth desert once they realise they ain't gonna get their grits.  The troops left behind in Jackson also give up.  Forrest, unsupplied, is able to feed his troops on nuts and berries.
The remaining troops consume 25 supply using 8 rail.  A problem for the Confederates is their shrinking territory is causing problems for the correct function of their Departments.  A further 12 supply are distributed using 6 rail.  They have 116 supply left and 16 rail left.

The Union consume 57 supplies using 20 rail.  They distribute 18 supply using 12 rail.  They have 18 rail left and 710 supply left.

The Confederates spend 40 supplies upgrading the fort at the mouth of the Mississippi.

Week 113

The Union get the 3 chit.   The Confederates are able to escape/reinforce as required.

Reinforcements are rushed to the front at Atlanta.

Militia are repositioned on the Altamaha River line.

Beauregard storms into Rocky Mountain, destroying the 1,000 Union troops who had ventured there to cut the rail.

Hardee with a mere 3,000 men is sent to hold Grand Gulf.

Forrest escapes.

The rest of the Confederates are either required to hold their place, have no troops or are too stunned to move.

The Union have a lot to do.

First up Farragut sails to Grand Gulf and bombards the fort.  The occupants flee (permanently).  A ricocheting shell bounces back exploding and killing Farragut.  Luckily for the Union Dahlgren is able to come and replace him.

Buell occupies Jackson, MI, sends McCook to help Lyon and then goes after Forrest.

Sumner is ordered to send troops to Sherman.

Thomas is ordered after Beauregard.

Granger displays initiative in following Thomas and trying to link up with Hancock.  Franklin and Pope also get in the act and do stuff, things.  Most importantly Meade rails to join Thomas.

Most of the other eastern Theatre Generals do nothing, but Sedgewick sends some of Howard's men to mend the bridge in front of McClernand.  Sadly a 1,000 men perish in this hazardous enterprise, but the bridge is repaired.

Grant takes the train to Jackson, MI.  Curtis starts walking to Tennessee.

In the west and south there is a lack of initiative.  Lyon has some, but knows he has to stay put and hammer Jackson.  And that he does, attacking on the 110-130 Column of CRT 4.  Boths sides lose 15% and Jackson retreats.  In doing so, and being the brave man he is, being the last to leave the battlefield and all, his rear guard mistake him for one of those damn Yankees and put a bullet in him.  He will be out of action for ten months.

Sherman attacks the newly arrived Wheeler.  It goes in on the 201-250 Column of CRT 4.  The Confederates are crushed, losing 8,000 men (40%).  The Union lose only 5%, but that is still 3,000 men.  The Confederate losses mean they can no longer maintain a zone of control.  They retreat across the Chattahoochee.

There are no attacks in the East.

Confederate collapse in the East

Destination Atlanta

Grant will be here soon...

Week 114

The Union get the 2 initiative chit.  How can they win the war at this rate?

There is a redistribution of generals at Atlanta.  Smith is sent there as well,

Forrest takes control of Jackson's troops and retreats to Brookhaven, destroying the railway on the way.  The troops make it to Johnston.

Price is sent to the Savannah.

Hardee (in the west) and Taylor (in the east) fail to move.

Halleck and Rosecrans breach the Altamaha line.

Lyon is ordered to march attack Hardee.  Both sides lose 1,000 men and Hardee is wounded and will be out of action for 6 months.

Dahlgren proceeds down the Mississippi attacking the fort at Natchez and blasting its garrison to pieces.

The other generals on the Mississippi front don't display any initiative.

Sherman moves up on Atlanta.

Heintzelman moves up to Dalton.

Meade makes a cautious advance, but all the other generals in the east do nothing.

Sedgewick attacks Taylor on the 111-130 Column of CRT 3.  Both sides lose 3,000 men.

Sherman attacks Walker on the 401-900 Column of CRT 4.  The Union lose 3,000 men and the Confederates only 1,000 (it was a 10% vs 40% outcome).  But the Confederates have to retreat.  Sherman is across the Chattahoochee.  The snipers aim for Sherman, but can't pick him out.

Lyon fails to attack.

The Union will be slowed due to lack of Railroad repair units.

This is a bit of a sideshow, but all about reducing the Confederacy.

 Atlanta is at real risk of being cut off.

Things are still moving slowly on this front, but Grant has now arrived.  
Another place where Railroad Repair units are required.

Week 115

The Union strike back!  They get the 7 chit.  Hey ho let's go!

First off is Granger who not only activates(frees from the water transport restrictions) Hancock, but also Pope (who has an all important Railroad Repair unit).

Then Meade.  He orders Thomas to send a brigade to captured Raleigh.  A 1,000 men die in this undertaken, but the city is captured.  The rest of the army advance on Beauregard.

McClernand is ordered to cutoff Taylor.

The cavalry in Brunswick is sent south into Florida while the Railway Repair unit is sent to do its job so that Halleck and Rosencrans can continue their drive north to capture Savannah.

McDowell and another Railroad Repair unit are sent to fix the railroad damaged by the partisans in Tennessee.

Mobile Railroad Repair unit completes part of the railway linking Mobile and Pensacola and is then sent to join Grant.

Grant decides to wait for it (there is no truth to the rumour that it is bringing up some mighty fine whiskey as well).

Reynolds and Buell seem to have gone fishing on the Pearl River.  Lyon might have gone to join them as he's also doing nothing.

Burnside attacks the rebels at Grand Cliff and they retreat into the fort.  The new ironclad comes up and has a go at them, killing 1,000.

McCook has gone fishing too.

Curtis and Sumner (who command reinforcements needed by Sherman) hold up to rest their men.  Sickles pushes on clearing the rail line through eastern Tennessee.

Sherman and Sykes are resting, but Hooker takes steps to make sure the rebels in Newman are cutoff.

Rosecrans and Halleck are waiting.

Howard is having a nap so Sedgewick pinches his remaining troops.

McClellan is lost in the mountains.

Hancock misses his chance to capture Goldsboro.

Burnside misses his chance to put in a final attack on Fort Grand Cliff.

Sherman isn't inclined to push for Atlanta's surrender.

Meade decides he is better off surrounding Beauregard rather than trying to assault him across the Tar River.

The Confederates order Beauregard to retreat to the Neuse River.  They order Taylor to try and break out.  The Partisans in North Virginia head for Charlottesville to stage a rally.

Wheeler rearranges the furniture in Atlanta. Buckner reopens the road to Newman.

The Army of the Mississippi holds in place.

Magruder pulls back to Donaldsville, LA (that is what it says on the map, all though some locals with strange accents tell Magruder that it is really called "La Ville de Donaldson.") .  He senses the game is up.

Price arrives at Johnston Station, ready to take on Halleck and Rosencrans.  His army consists of 3,000 militia.  He faces 11,000 or more Yankee invaders.

In the East it's 100,000 Union versus 48,000 Confederate.
The bulk of the Confederates are with Beauregard.
There is nothing of real value to protect any more in this theatre.

 Critical area of operations around Atlanta.
There are another 21,000 Union troops on their way to join the 43,000 already here 
facing the 27,000 Confederates.

 84,000 Union troops trying to get to grips with 21,000 Confederate troops,
who are blocking the way to the other critical area of New Orleans.

There are 26,000 defenders of New Orleans.
Banks has just 3,000.
But New Orleans will lose supply if it can't link to two other supply towns. 

 Savannah sideshow, 
but if the 17,000 Union troops can overrun Georgia ... 

The Savannah Campaign is really just spare buttons, needle and thread in pocket of a man wearing belt, braces and string to hold his pants up.

Week 116

After last week's excitement, the Union draw the 2 chit.

Taylor completes his escape, arriving at Hillsboro.

The partisans, disappointed by the turn out to their rally, destroy the railroad at Charlottesvilles before moving on to Gordonsville and staging another rally.  Their motto "Join our cause or else" doesn't seem to be well received by the populous.

Beauregard sends D Hill and 14,000 men west.

Price destroys the rail line at Johnston's Station and retreats.

Smith takes up position at Decatur. GA.

The Union order the Railroad Repair unit supporting the armies of Halleck and Rosencrans to get repairing.

Grant is ordered to take Reynolds and advance on Forrest.

The new ironclad finishes blasting the garrison of Fort Grand Cliff and it falls to Burnside.  As it contained a Corps it provides a Political Point for the Union.

Lyon then proceeds to capture Natchez.

Dalhglen then sails down the Mississippi and attacks Baton Rouge.  Emulating Farragut Dahlglen he stands on the forward deck to observe the fall of the shot when a ricochet puts a shell at his feet.  The resultant explosion puts him on the sick list for seven months.

Buell surprises everyone and captures Williamsburg, MS.  He sends cavalry to Grant.

Not much else happens out West.

Meade moves cautiously south.

Not much else happens except McClellan gets it into his head to go and stop the unfolding Confederate invasion of Maryland, which no one seems to have noticed.

For some totally unfathomable reason Grant fails to attack.  He was a dead certainty to pushback Forrest which would have put New Orleans out of supply.

Sherman doesn't attack either.

The war comes to North Carolina.

The rail lines servicing Atlanta look a bit exposed.

New Orleans, still functioning due to Proctorsville and Brookhaven.

I am going to call it.  The war between the States will be over by Xmas.


Confederates lost 25,000 to the Union's 16,000.  I had thought of calling another draft, but it would only be matched by the other side.