Friday, February 24, 2017

The Bother with Bofors

I've had the Battlefront Bofors gun set to do for a while now.

My first challenge was in determining how to base them.  I wanted a fixed position and decided I needed to make some sandbags.  Easy enough I guess, but I was put off by having to master a new skill and was then easily distracted by other projects.

I came back to them only to decide that one of the gun crew figures was really too deformed and that I should try and get a replacement.  I used that as an excuse to defer the project yet again.  I should say that Battlefront provided a replacement with no fuss or serious delay.

With my recent success with the Crusader tanks I thought the time had come for another attempt.

Just cleaning up the bits was fiddly, but I stuck at it and got them washed (carefully).  Then it was time for assembly.  I had the relevant Battlefront page to help but also ended up digging out my old Airfix Bofors gun to see how it went together (more on this later).  If I thought cleaning the parts was fiddly, gluing them with super glue was doubly so.

But I succeeded.

Well, with one gun at least.  Still resting before I attempt the other.  

In the above photo you can see the replacement pointing figure and also the stunted hand of the original one which I painted up anyway.

I've still got the basing challenge and now think I will remove the gun shield as this is what I'm after:

But the fun thing has been digging out the Airfix Bofors kit.  It is one of the more recent kits I've made, but that still makes it early 1980s (most likely).  I really went overboard in making the gun configurable as can be seen in these two pictures.

I also note I applied transfers which was rather rare for me.  The crew are very similar to that provided by Battlefront, but no pointing.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Clive of Impetus nee India

Last night at the club I was fortunate to take part in a big 650 points per side Impetus game.  I was expecting Classical Indians and was surprised to find it was much later, pitting British against the French in India, both sides being mostly Indian.  In another twist both armies were close to being mirror images of each other.

Dave had done all the organising and took on the role of Clive of India, assisted by Geoff and myself. The French were commanded by Richard, assisted by Andrew and Mark B.

I took command of the cavalry and elephants,

Our deployments were different unlike our almost identical armies. I was on the right flank (bottom of the picture) while the French kept their cavalry in reserve. 
I commenced an outflanking manoeuvre.

Almost immediately the Expert Clive found out he was only Fair.

My light cavalry got into the action early, but after some initial success, 
not much happened for a good while.

With a Poor command structure the risks of moving too fast were high

An attempt to hurry up put my outflanking force into disorder.

But we got there.

There had been lots of action on the other side of the battlefield 
and things were looking grim for the British.

Why I no longer put much store in Rolls of Destiny.  
I threw a six, rerolled and threw another six.
The same thing happened later.  
Lucky we only had three Rolls of Destiny.

The enemy are pulling back, however I am not in a position to exploit this.

In the very top left hand corner.  
A French cavalry unit is stuck before British muskets.  
It would have contacted on anything but a 1.
Possibly a game defining moment...

The last hurrah.
My cavalry sweep round the flank winning the Jewel of India for the British Crown, 
although Clive took all the recognition.

Thanks Dave for organising this fascinating battle.  Most enjoyable and challenging.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Songs of Humans and Undead Humans

Last night's game was based on the Ambush Scenario in Song of Blades and Heroes.

The humans were annoyed that the undead humans kept them awake at night with all their rattling and rambling.  Something had to be done.

That's my background story anyway.

Mark B took the humans and Stephen N the undead and I umpired and made up rules as we went (or rather I looked up the rules as required, which was rare as I'd kept everything very simple).

The skellies (Q3+,C2) ambush the warriors  (Q3+,C3).

The skellies had a few ironman contestants in their ranks (Q3+, C3)

But the humans kept together while the skellies attacked a bit piecemeal.

But more skellies were coming.

The fighting was vicious.

But the skellies were struggling

But they kept on fighting, even against the odds.

The skellies are getting a bit thin, even skeletal you might say.

But they were fighting hard, regardless of Stephen's poor dice rolling skills.

Almost parity in numbers.
Well, not quite, there are many more humans, however being armoured (Q4+,C4) they were slow, making them hard to get into action and they had a habit of failing their activation rolls 
(Mark showing his dice skills were a match for Stephen's)

The skellies fight on.
It helps being undead as they ignore gruesome kills,
and that had been happening a lot - did I mention Stephen's dice skills?

The last of the skellies.

Lots of fun and easy to build a story around the game.  Three humans were killed so maybe there should be three more skellies next time...

Also I see that I really need to finish their bases.  Help (as in product) is on the way!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lottsa Skellies

All skellies painted and basically based, plus one old one dug out of the random painted figure mountain.

I don't know the brand of this figure.
I painted him a long time ago (early 1980s at a guess). 

This is VFW54 
He was a bugger to photograph 



Unknown figures, gifted to me by Paul.
Glad I've now got them painted.
They can be demon skellies. 

More emaciated horse than skeletal, but they have come up well. 

I always remember Mr Ed being excited about the coming of colour TV so he could see what colour eyes skeletons have.

And now, putting them all together:

My skellie force

The Skelliteam as my daughter commented

Excellent for Songs of Blades and Heroes, but possibly not enough for Hordes of the Things.

I'll probably add a few Reaper Bones miniatures (I know I will), but not sure about doing some work on the bases.  I'm thinking botanicals, daffodils...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blue on Blue on Sacré Bleu

I was just going to run the Waterloo friendly fire scenario again for a quick game of Songs of Drums and Shakos, or SoDS as I now like to think of it, but then I felt like playing as well - bad move.

The Dutch Belgian defenders see the French attackers appear up the rise.

The Prussians can see the French advancing through the trees.

The Prussians deploy while their officer orders up the flag.

Bird's eye view

The Dutch Belgians let off a few shots, felling one of the supposedly French attackers.

The real French react to the gun fire and advance.

One volley should put paid to the enemy...

Eh, no...
One of the Dutch Belgians staggers back in surprise at being fired at.

The Dutch Belgians see that the troops they thought were French are actually Prussian.

The rule I hastily made up was they needed to dice each turn, needing a six, but adding one for each turn so that they would realise their error in a reasonable short time.  Stephen N, the Dutch Belgian commander, promptly threw a six first time.   Luckily for the French, he failed his activation roll after that.

The Prussians turn towards the French.

They had the same rule as the Dutch Belgians and their commander, Mark B, also threw a six on his first attempt.

The Dutch Belgians have a half hearted shot at the French.

The French reload and fire back.

The Prussians rush forward.

Scale a small hill and open fire.

Two Frenchmen fall, but against my better judgement I'm persuaded to charge.

Oh dear...
Three more dead Frenchmen.

Time to run away.

Simple rules they maybe, but heaps of fun and they tell a great story.  Perfect for a club night.