Sunday, July 24, 2016

DBA Camps for my Medieval Armies

Finally I have some camps.  Not eye candy as so many DBA camps can be, these are more practical than decorative.  They also double as a camp for Impetus or FoG if placed side by side.

The big tent and the supplies are from Baueda.  The small tent - no idea.  The tents I've had a long time.  The big one has seen service, but the little one has been sitting around in just an undercoat.  The supplies were a gift from Mark Woods.

Configured for Impetus

And of course, plenty of space for camp followers.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Quick Wings of Glory

Just enough energy for a quick game of an old favourite.  I was in the Spad (light blue tail) accompanied by Mark B in a Nieuport against Stephen flying two planes (a Fokker and an Albatross I think).  I took a photo for nearly every move and have tried to position them all by aligning the join of the two mats to form a common reference point.

Enemy spotted!

The Hun gets in some initial effective long range fire.
(I took 2 points and my ally a whooping 5 points)

A fly past

Wings of Glory is always very photogenic

Bird's eye view

A straight ahead attack resulted in an overlap which would normally preclude firing, but Stephen, in control of the "victim" graciously allowed a shot.

Mark B in the Nieuport set the Albatross on fire.

Time for the Hun to run?

One down and the other turning round...

The Nieuport attempts to catch bullets.

The German planes suffered frequent gun jamming and my pass at this time was risk free 

More circling

The Fokker has a much tighter turn than my Spad

Round we go

Will there be more combat?

Planes seem well separated at the moment

Maybe I can catch him?


Got him!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

U equals 1cm

Further to my agonising about the "correct" value for U with 15mm scale figures in Impetus I've had a comment back in the forum that referred me back to the rules.  U is 1cm for 15mm and 2cm for 25mm with the 15mm scale taking precedence.  U equals 1 inch is just an option.

While of course I can make U and size I want, the rules really do mean for it to be 1cm.

Pity as I rather liked to bigger move distance.

Might all change with Impetus II anyway...

Anyway, it's nice to be wring once in a while :-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Early Macedonian Successors vs Indians with U equals 17mm

Yesterday Mark Woods gracefully agreed to test out Impetus using U equals 17mm.  We both fielded 500 point armies and the game took around five hours to play.

My Macedonians starting 20U from the centre line.

The Indian opponents

I get off to a bad start with my double moves producing disorder.

The Indians have massed their elephants on my right.

I start shuffling things around to meet them.

By the end of the second turn I've advanced, but still have disorder to contend with.

By the end of turn three my left and centre are ready for action.

Even on my right I'm feeling good about the situation.

My brave lads.

Gotta love the three deep pike blocks.

My Thracians charge only to fall foul of the dice Gods.

The centre does little better.

My main pike block is stalled.

The poor fighting continues.  Even through I am throwing more dice, I am not getting the hits.  The enemy are!

More crunch on the right.  Nothing good comes of it.  

End of turn four and I have a massive hole on my left and my pike and hoplites have failed to make an impression on the centre.

Turn five and the right is fully engaged.

While on the left my remaining Thracians have pushed on while the CinC with the Companions is getting ready to advance.  There has been a dramatic turnaround in the centre with my pike and spears carrying all before them.  Phew.  Finally.
Note the purpose made ruler at the very top left of the photo.

My left wing cavalry are buying time.

My CinC is in.  Thracian light cavalry is occupying the Indian Royal Guard and my centre infantry is fanning out.

The right is looking precarious.  The pike are doing well, but the Hoplites are going down.  The Greek light cavalry is fighting for its life.

The Last Turn

The carnage in the next turn saw the Greek right flank command break, but also saw the Indian right and centre break.  It was damn close.  Just three points separated the two armies.

The Indian Royal Guard couldn't catch the Thracian Light Cavalry and had taken punishment from their javelins.

The Companions are just about spent, but with the help of the troops from the centre finally prevailed over the Indian right wing commander.

The remaining Thracian infantry had chased some of the Indians from the field.

The centre pike unit was heading for the enemy camp.

The Greek right has just about disappeared.  The remaining pike and light cavalry would be removed at the end of the turn.

Critical action that would have swung the game, but at the very bottom of this picture, the Indian chariots have just failed tho take the Greek camp (which was just a patch of muddy ground - must get around to finishing my camps).  The chariots got the hits, but I rolled a one and while reduced, the camp was still standing.  Its loss would have inflicted a further three points of damage to the Macedonians which would have placed them on their break point.

A failed attempt to get a bird's eye view of the end of the battle.  I couldn't get up high enough to get the whole table in.

Great game.  Every unit saw action and just about the whole table was fought over.

In my opinion having U equal 17mm made for a more dynamic game.  It also gave me back the feeling I had with my very first games of Impetus (with 25mm figures and U equal to an inch), of definitive moves.